Premium Shops

A variety of shops are found on the third floor of The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan offering convenient items for use during your stay at the hotel or in the Park.

Note: Complimentary parking tickets are not available for these shops.


Tully's Coffee, The Park Front Hotel store

Hours: 7:00 - 22:00

Seats: Total of 73 (69 non-smoking, 4 smoking)

Tel: +81-(0)6-6131-8802

This coffee shop originating from Seattle brews selected beans roasted in Japan. The highest level of quality is pursued throughout the process of coffee-making. The shop offers approximately 30 different drinks, as well as an ample selection of food items that match well with coffee.


Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar Osaka, The Park Front Hotel store

Hours: 7:00 - 23:00 (L.O. 22:00)

Seats: 135

Tel: +81-(0)6-4804-1550

A new brand of restaurant by Wolfgang Puck from the West Coast of the United States. The chef trained in the United States to reproduce the very same menus and tastes as the store in California. This is where you can taste the latest from Wolfgang Puck's creation in the United States!


CANDY SHOW TIME The Park Front Hotel

Hours: 10:00 - 22:00

Tel: +81-(0)6-4804-1117

A world of candies and snack in a pop décor, The shop offers candy-making performances, as well as candies with exclusive designs only available at this shop.


Gong Cha, The Park Front Hotel store

Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 (L.O. 21:30)

Tel: +81-(0)6-6743-4500

Founded in Taiwan, tea café Gong Cha now operates worldwide.
By brewing different types of tea leaves at their respective optimal water temperatures for their respective optimal amounts of time, thereby bringing out each tea’s true flavor to the fullest, this café offers high-quality Taiwanese tea drinks in a casual manner.
You can choose the toppings you like, such as tapioca pearls, carefully prepared at the shop. In addition, the sweetness level and the amount of ice can be customized to meet your preferences. Through such various selections, explore your own drink to match your mood at the time.


Eggs 'n Things, The Park Front Hotel store

Hours: 9:00 - 22:30 (L.O. 21:30)

Seats: 74

Tel: +81-(0)6-6940-7248

Founded in Hawaii in 1974 under the concept of "All Day Breakfast," the restaurant offers satisfying volumes of breakfast fares from morning to night. In addition to the grand menu with a la carte breakfast dishes, the restaurant also offers Hawaiian local foods from 5 p.m.


Lawson, The Park Front Hotel store

Hours: Open 24 hours

Tel: +81-(0)6-4804-7040

Lawson places its focus on health in its product development and lineup, and offers a variety of products including boxed meals, beverages, and daily sundries. This convenience store serves as the neighborhood health station offering helpful items in our daily lives.