Buffet Dining "Akala"
Japanese & Western Cuisine

Welcome to an all-day buffet restaurant where you can dine in an atmosphere like that of a Hawaiian resort! The restaurant is at a excellent location, with great views of the park beyond its large windows. Enjoy the chef's specialty dishes and colorful desserts in a spacious atmosphere, provided to the guests from the open kitchen. Children will also enjoy the ample selection of kid-friendly menu items.

Capacity: Approximately 300 people (all seats are non-smoking)

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Popular menu of Akala

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    Our top recommendation for breakfast is the “Mahina Sandwich.” Our chef prepares it by placing a fried runny egg between round mini buns. Enjoy it while it’s warm!

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    The “Kansai Local Delicious Food Hopping” corner is available during breakfast buffet time at Akala. Served at this corner are a full array of delicious foods that are unique to Osaka, Kyoto and four other prefectures in the Kansai region, including takoyaki (octopus dumplings). Enjoy the seasonal local specialty foods!

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    Roast beef carved right in front of you by the chef
    Enjoy the juicy meat!
    Note: Offered only during dinner hours

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    The visually intriguing two-color chocolate fountain and the pancake topping bar with sweet options will delight both adults and children!

* Menus may change due to fairs and other events.
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Oahu Room

A room available as a dining venue for large groups

TEL: +81-6-6460-0109 (marketing department)

Capacity: Approximately 150 persons

Regarding the use of the restaurant:

  • - Guests dining at the restaurant will receive a three-hour complimentary parking ticket if their total spending is 2,526 yen(3,000 yen) or more.
  • - Breakfast coupon can be used for lunch instead. Please bring your coupon with you when you go to lunch and let the staff know that you would like to use it for lunch instead.
  • - If you are staying at the hotel on a plan without meals and would like to add breakfast, please go directly to the restaurant when you wish to have breakfast and inform the staff of your request.
  • - There are no dress codes. Note: However, please refrain from visiting the restaurant in your nightwear and slippers.