What is the distance to Universal Studios Japan?

The Park is approximately a one-minute walk away. You will find the main gate of Universal Studios Japan right in front of you if you exit the hotel from the Park-side lobby.

What are my access options to the hotel?

- By airplane:

To Universal Studios Japan, it is approx. 70 minutes from Kansai International Airport by limousine bus, and approx. 45 minutes from Osaka (Itami) Airport by limousine bus.
The hotel is approx. a 10-minute walk from the Universal Studios Japan bus stop.
(There are no direct limousine bus from the airports to the hotel.)

- By Shinkansen:

From JR Shin-Osaka Station, take the JR Kyoto Line to Osaka Station. Board the JR Osaka Loop Line and transfer at Nishikujo Station to the JR Yumesaki Line. Get off at Universal City Station, the second stop from Nishikujo Station (approx. 20 minutes).

- By car:

Take the No. 5 Wangan Route of the Hanshin Expressway to Hokko JCT, then the No. 2 Yodogawa-Sagan Route of the Hanshin Expressway to the Universal City exit. The hotel is approx. 5 minutes from this exit.

Please see the "Access" page for more details.

Do you have parking?

Yes. Parking is available on the 1st and 2nd floors of the hotel. However, we do not accept parking reservations. Space is also limited, so we recommend taking public transportation.
(Total capacity of 95 vehicles, fee required, 3,500 yen for 1 night from 13:00 to 13:00 of the following day.
Note: For staying guests only, parking hours exceeding the above hours will be charged 250 yen for every 30 minutes.)
Please inquire at the hotel if you require parking for large buses, etc.

Can I purchase tickets for Universal Studios Japan?

Yes. You can purchase the following tickets at the hotel.

- Universal Studios Japan Studio Pass

- Universal Express Pass
(Some types of tickets may not be available. Please inquire for more details.)

- Place of purchase: Ticket Counter on the 3rd floor

- Hours: 7:00 - 21:00
Note 1: You can pay either in cash (Japanese yen) or by credit card.
Note 2: Hours may change depending on the season.
Note 3: This service is only available to guests staying at the hotel.
Note 4: For details on the tickets, please see the Universal Studios Japan official website.

Can I upgrade my 1-Day Studio Pass?

You can upgrade your 1-Day Studio Pass to a 2-Day Studio Pass if you pay for the difference of the tickets.
However, some tickets purchased through a travel agency cannot be upgraded. For details, please inquire at the Ticket Counter on the 3rd floor.

Can I purchase the Universal Express Pass (priority tickets for the attractions) at the hotel?

You can purchase the tickets, but only for the day of your stay or the following day, and you cannot reserve these tickets in advance.
Also, these tickets are sold in limited quantities, and may sell out before the day of your visit.
We recommend that you purchase these tickets in advance through the Universal Studios Japan official website.

Can I exchange the Studio Pass that I bought through a travel agency at the hotel?

Yes. However, if the date that your ticket voucher was issued by the travel agency is the same day as the day you wish to enter Universal Studios Japan, you cannot make the exchange at the hotel. Please note that some tickets cannot be handled at the hotel Ticket Counter. For details, please inquire with the hotel staff. Note: The hotel cannot handle your request if you do not have the voucher issued by the travel agency with you.

What time is check-in and checkout?

Check-in is from 15:00, and checkout is by 12:00 noon.

Can you store my baggage before check-in and after checkout?

Yes. Please go to the Bell Desk on the 3rd floor before check-in, or use the coin locker on the 2nd floor after checkout (coin is returned when you retrieve your baggage from the locker).

How do I make payment?

Please pay at the time of check-in. You can pay either in cash or by credit card.
Note: If using cash, only Japanese yen is accepted within the hotel.

When will I incur cancellation charges?

In the case of individual guests, 20% of the room charge will be incurred if canceled one day before your scheduled stay, 80% if canceled on the day, and 100% for no show.
Note 1: If your reservation was made through an online travel agency, cancellation charges are incurred based on the regulations of the agency.
Note 2: If your reservation was made as a large group or through a travel agency, cancellation charges are incurred based on the regulations of the agency.

Can I be put on a waiting list for a room cancellation?

We're sorry, we do not have waiting lists for cancellations. Please call to inquire about room availability, or check the availability status through our website.

Do you have rooms for large groups of people to stay together?

Our Japanese-style rooms (tatami mats) can sleep a maximum of 6 people. Our rooms with two-tiered beds can sleep a maximum of 5 people.

Do you have barrier-free rooms?

Yes. If you would like a barrier-free room, please make the request when you make your reservation. Since the number of rooms are limited, please be aware that we will be unable to accommodate your request if all rooms are booked.

What kinds of items and amenities do you have in the rooms?

For details, please see the page under "Stay."

What kinds of items are available for rent?

The following items can be rented out for free. If you would like to use these items, please inquire at the Front Desk. Please note that quantities are limited.

Items available for rent:

Thermometer / nail clipper / scissors / blanket / trouser press / iron (ironing board) / pillow (buckwheat husk) / shower caps / diaper bag / hot water pot for baby milk formulas / hair iron / electric transformer / adaptor plug / extension cord / bar soap / cooling pad / DVD player / wine opener

Do you have a safety box in the guestrooms?

Yes, all guestrooms are equipped with a safety box.

What is the Internet environment in the hotel and the guestrooms?

We have Wi-Fi access in all areas within the hotel. Guests staying at the hotel have free access to Wi-Fi.
(There is no need for ID or password)

What are the hours and prices for the restaurant?

Breakfast (7:00 - 10:00 L.O. 9:30)

2,442 yen(2,900 yen)for adults, 1,516 yen(1,800 yen)for children ages 6-12,
800 yen(950 yen)for young children ages 4-5, free for infants age 3 and under

Lunch (11:30 - 14:30 L.O. 14:00)

1,558 yen(1,850 yen)for adults, 969 yen(1,150 yen)for children ages 6-12,
548 yen(650 yen)for young children ages 4-5, free for infants age 3 and under

Dinner (17:30 - 21:30 L.O. 21:00)

3,662 yen(4,350 yen)for adults,2,273 yen(2,700 yen)for children ages 6-12,
1,179 yen(1,400 yen)for young children ages 4-5, free for infants age 3 and under

Note: Hours may change depending on the season.
Hours may also change depending on the plan that you have reserved for. Please inquire for details.

Do I need to pay for breakfast for a bedsharing child?

Yes. Infants ages 0 to 3 are free, and it is 800 yen(950 yen) for children ages 4 to 5.

I will not be staying at the hotel, but can I dine at the hotel?

Yes. However, it may be crowded, so we recommend that you book in advance. TEL

I will be going by car to dine at the restaurant. Can I get a discount on my parking fee?

You will receive a ticket for three hours of complimentary parking if you spend a total of 3,000 yen or more at the restaurant. Please show your parking ticket when you pay at the restaurant. (Complimentary parking is not available for shopping at the tenant shops.)

Can I change my breakfast coupon for a lunch coupon?

Yes. Bring your breakfast coupon with you when you go for lunch, and ask the restaurant staff to use it for lunch instead.

Can you meet needs for answering food allergen requirements?

Please inform the staff of your food allergen needs, and we will ask you to write your needs on a special sheet. Allergens are not displayed on the menu, so the staff will inform you of the ingredients used in the dishes. In some cases, we may be able to accommodate food allergen needs, so please inquire with the staff.

Do you offer a halal-compliant menu?

We're sorry, we do not offer halal-compliant dishes at this point.

Do you have bedding (cribs, baby guards) and other amenities for children?

Rentals for children

We offer bed guards, cribs (for age 1 or younger), bed wetting pads, toilet seats for children, etc.

Amenities for children

We offer nightwear (90 cm & 120 cm), slippers (20 cm), toothbrush and toothpaste set, etc. (A stepping platform for children is available in every room.)

Note 1: The above will be prepared at your arrival if you make a request in advance when you make a reservation. The above can also be offered after you check in; please contact the Bell Desk if you would like to use them.
Note 2: Quantities are limited. Please note that they may not be available if all items are in use.

Can small children share a bed with an adult? Would this incur a fee?

Children can share a bed with an adult if they are age 6 or under, and can stay free of charge.
Note 1: Bedshare is only allowed for one child per bed.
Note 2: Children age 6 or above will be charged the same price as an adult.

Can you provide towels and amenities for the child sharing a bed?

We will make preparations in advance if you inform us at the time of making the reservation. We can also provide the items after you check in if you call the Bell Desk.

Do you have a spa or gym?

The hotel does not have those facilities.

Do you have coin laundry?

A coin laundry corner is available on the 2nd floor of the hotel. (300 yen per load for laundry machine / 100 yen per 30 min. for the dryer)

Can I charge my mobile phone at the hotel? (100 yen per 30 min.)

A self-service mobile phone charger is available for a fee on the 3rd floor lobby.

Do you have coin-operated lockers in the hotel?

A coin locker is available on the 2nd floor of the hotel. (You will need a 100 yen coin to use the locker, which will be returned to you when you collect your belongings. If you do not have coins, the 3rd floor front desk can exchange your bills for coins.)
If you need to store your baggage before check-in, you can do so at the 3rd floor front desk.

Do you have ice machines and vending machines?

A vending machine offering soft drinks and a ice maker is available at the elevator hall on each floor.
For alcoholic beverages, please go to the convenience store (open 24 hours) on the 3rd floor of the hotel, or the vending machines on the 16th and 26th floors.

Do you have microwave ovens?

Microwave ovens are available at the vending machine corners within the hotel (5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 28th floors). Guests are welcome to use them whenever they like.

Do you have smoking areas?

The lobby and all the guestrooms are non-smoking. A smoking room is available near the elevator hall on the 3rd floor.

How do I go to Osaka (Umeda), Namba, Kobe, or Kyoto?

  • Access to Umeda (Osaka): Approx. 12 minutes to Osaka Station by direct train from Universal City Station on the JR Yumesaki Line
  • Access to Namba: From Universal City Station, take the JR Yumesaki Line to Nishikujo Station, then transfer to the Hanshin Namba Line and get off at Osaka Namba Station (approx. 30 minutes)
  • Access towards the Kobe area (Sannomiya, Motomachi): From Universal City Station, take the JR Yumesaki Line to Osaka Station, then transfer to the JR Kobe line (approx. 40 minutes via the special rapid service)
  • Access towards the Kyoto area: From Universal City Station, take the JR Yumesaki Line to Osaka Station, then transfer to the JR Kyoto Line (approx. 40 minutes via the special rapid service)

Are there any convenience stores nearby?

There are a total of three: one as a tenant shop inside the hotel, and two near the hotel. (Open 24 hours)

Are there any ATMS nearby?

There are a total of three Lawson convenience stores where you will find an ATM; one store is inside the hotel, and two are located near the hotel. There is also one ATM next to the JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-Madoguchi) at Universal City Station. ATMs are also available inside the Park.

Where can I find an ATM that accepts non-Japanese cash cards?

The ATM in Universal City Station accepts such cards as VISA, MasterCard, and UnionPay.

Note: ATMs that accept Union Card (China) can be found at the Lawson convenience stores in our hotel, in Universal Citywalk Osaka, and inside Hotel Keihan Universal Tower.

Can you call a taxi immediately?

If there are no taxis standing by at the front of the hotel, please ask the Bell Desk to call a taxi for you.
Note: Please note that a taxi may not be immediately available depending on the level of congestion.

Are there places other than Universal Studios Japan where I can go sightsee?

Universal Citywalk Osaka is located right nearby the hotel. And there are many other places to visit around the vicinity of Tenpozan in the Osaka Bay Area, such as an aquarium, shopping mall, ferris wheel, and observation platform.

Osaka tourist information (Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau)


Can I stay with pets? Do you accept service dogs?

We're sorry, but we do not allow pets to enter the hotel. However, guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing assistance dogs may stay at the hotel.

Can I receive a massage in the guestrooms?

Yes. We can make arrangements for a shiatsu massage. Please see the information in your room for more details. If you would like to make a reservation, please call the massage staff directly from your room. Note 1: Please note that it may be difficult to make reservations for some hours due to prior bookings. Note 2: We cannot take reservations before you check in to your room.

Do you have room service?

We're sorry, but our hotel does not offer room service.

Is there a delivery service to send baggage from the hotel?

Delivery service is available only for destinations within Japan. Please go to the delivery service counter on the 2nd floor of the hotel.
Note: Payment is only accepted in cash (Japanese yen), and cannot be charged to your room.
7:00 - 12:00
(Delivery service can also be arranged at the Bell Desk, but only for payment on delivery)

Can I send my baggage to the hotel in advance?

Yes. We will store you baggage for you until you check in.
Shipping address:
Front Desk, The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan
6-2-52 Shimaya, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan 554-0024

- On the shipping form (slip), please write clearly the name of the person who made the reservation (full name), the name of the person staying, and the date of stay.
- Please be sure to right your full name (first and last names) on the form.
- Please do not include perishable foods, fragile items, and valuable items in the shipment.
- Please have the shipment paid by the shipper.